2024 Z-Experience

19 June, 2024, 6:30 pm

2024 edition of Z-Experience: a face-to-face event loaded with educational lectures, hands-on trainings, and team building activities.

Zhermack’s active engagement in promoting education among students found expression also this year thanks to the long-lasting cooperation with the International Association of Dental Students (IADS). From June 19th to 22nd we have been delighted to welcome a group of 20 affiliated students at our headquarter for an immersive four-days live training that included educational lectures, hands-on trainings, a tour of our production plant, and team building activities. As the event’s slogan “listen, touch, smell” suggests, Z-Experience represented a combination of learning, practice, and entertainment. We strongly believe in the importance of spreading dental procedures’ know-how to the dental professionals of tomorrow, by showing them the correct use of the products involved and how to get successful procedural treatments. In this way, students have the chance to feel more supported and encouraged throughout their professional growth.

What was new in the 2024 edition of the Z-Experience event?
In order to give a wider number of dental students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, we went live streaming on Facebook and YouTube with a theoretical and practical training session led by an internal Zhermack expert! On June 20th, students that connected either to our channels or to IADS’ ones could virtually attend Dr. Nicholas David Charles’ inspiring lecture “Final Impression: Art or Science?”.
What could have been better than sharing knowledge and learning together within an international team? Collaboration, support, passion, hard work, and professional growth were the recurring tangible values. We couldn’t be prouder of this joyful and successful all-round event. We already look forward to hosting the next one!

The live streaming was intended for professionals of dental sector only.