FAQs about the repository

Find out more about the Zedu HUB repository by consulting the most frequently asked questions. 

Q1 - What can I find in this repository?

A1 - All the educational content created by Zhermack for dental practitioners, such as webinars, clinical cases, procedure videos, e-books and the like. 

Q2 - Can all users consult all content?

A2 - No, some content can be consulted by everyone, other content can only be consulted in full after registering. 

Q3 - How can I see at a glance which content can be consulted without registering? 

A3 - All the content that can be consulted without registering has an orange tab on the cover picture, the other content has a red tab. 

Q4 - Is registration free? 

A4 - Yes, there is no registration fee. 

Q5 - What benefits would registration give me? 

A5 - You will be able to enjoy the full experience and obtain access to all the content of the website. 

Q6 - What are the benefits of consenting to marketing activities? 

A6 - You will be informed each time new material is uploaded or new repository content are launched. 

Q7 - Who should I contact if I have questions regarding the repository, how it works or aspects regarding registration that are unclear?

A7 - Use the repository contact form.

Q8 - Who should I contact if I have specific questions about Zhermack products?

A8 - In the first instance, you can visit the Dental section of the  Zhermack website and consult the catalogue. If this does not provide you with the information you are looking for, you can submit a specific request using the contact form of the Zhermack website

Q9 - Is the repository available in languages other than English? 

A9 - The repository is in English, but some content can also be consulted in other languages. You will find a language identifier code for each additional language available. 

Q10 - What is the difference between the zhermack.com website and this repository? 

A10 - The zhermack.com website contains all the solutions we offer dental practitioner and the technical characteristics of our products. Zedu HUB contains additional materials that can enhance knowledge regarding a product, its application and its use inside a workflow. It also contains news from the dental industry and much more.